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Design Reedsburg

How can I get involved?

Design Reedsburg Meetings
3rd Wednesday of the month
8:30am - 10:00am
Reedsburg Chamber of Commerce

Design Suggestions
Email to:
[email protected] .

Kids Ideas
Click here to view drawings of what kids from Sacred Heart like about Reedsburg!
Send your drawings to:
[email protected] .

Send donations to City Hall, made payable to the City of Reedsburg with a note about Design Reedsburg. 

Join the movement @designreedsburg.
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The Design Reedsburg Team is a group of community members interested in identifying and visualizing a
​short-, medium-, and long-range vision for Reedsburg's future.   

Design Reedsburg is a local, grassroots initiative, in cooperation with UW Extension.

This is a community design program offered by the University of Wisconsin (UW)- Extension’s Community Vitality + Placemaking Team. The Design Wisconsin Team assists local communities in identifying and visualizing their short-, medium-, and long-range vision.
The Team features volunteers from planning and design professions who donate their time and talent over the course of a long weekend (the Visit).  The Reedsburg Design Team consisted of team members from Wisconsin and Minnesota with backgrounds in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, public art, economics, planning, education, political science, community marketing, and digital communication. Team members immersed themselves in the community and worked intensely over these three days to create a variety of initiatives for implementation. They stayed with host families and led a series of public participation activities.  The outcomes of the Visit consisted of large, hand-drawn illustrations of the community’s shared vision.

Click here to view the report that summarized what they heard and suggestions shared.

​Next steps?

If you have an interest in participating in a committee to share your ideas or help implement the suggestions, contact the committee chair to determine meeting dates/times. Committees are open to all community members.

Baraboo River - Jay Salinas
Beautification - Cindy Dries 
Housing - Sarah Pitz and Brian DuValle
Networking (newcomers and ambassadors) - Kristine Koenecke / Chamber of Commerce
Transportation - Brian DuValle and Donna Neuwirth
WiFi/Broadband - Sarah Pitz

Committees looking for participants/lead:
Family Programs

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